-clamping drill chuck

-clamping drill chuck

HOFFMANN No. : 341710 13-1/2

4,446 บาท


  • Automatic tightening whilst drilling, proportional to the cutting force (maintains the clamping force even under tough conditions!).
  • Sturdy design (functional components of metal).
  • With retaining ring.
  • With clamping force protection(clamping and locking using only one hand!).


  • For heavy-duty cordless and mains power drills.
  • Cordless impact power drills up to 36 Volt.
  • Reverse torque up to 50 Nm.


  • No through holes − Drill chucks thus have to be secured tightly to the spindle.
  • General purpose − with retaining ring for use on machines with / without spindle stops.