LED magnifying glass lamp 72 mm

Version: Elegant magnifying glass lamp with high light intensity. Lamp head, upright tube, and flexible neck of sturdy metal.
                    - The specially developed lamp cover with integral optics focuses the light without dazzling and with minimum scattering losses on the inspection area (4× more light per Watt than a fluorescent tube, working life approx. 50,000 h = 6 years 24/7).
                    - Distortion-free, hard-coated plastic lens.
                    - Modern highly efficient lighting concept, consisting of 63 LEDs on a ring base.
                    - The lamp is switched and dimmed by placing a finger on a soft-touch sensor.
                    - The high quality flexible neck and the slender profile, reduced to the essentials, means the LED magnifying glass lamp can be used everywhere.
Advantage: 6 years 100 % illumination with no maintenance costs. Easy and quick to clean (enclosed system). Insensitive to vibration. Functional design.
Supplied with: With plug-in power supply adapter 100 - 240 V, lens cover and table clamp No. 491492 size TK.
Optional extras: Table base No. 491492 size TF.
Attention: German version. Order free UK adapter plug No. 08 1174_GB.
Note: Further table or machine bases available on request. This lamp incorporates built-in LED bulbs. The LED bulbs cannot be changed within the lamp. Energy efficiency class: A

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