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เครื่องมือช่าง ไขควงทอร์ควัดแรงบิท Torque screwdriver set, 8 pieces with scale, to take interchangea


Torque screwdriver set


Version: Power grip with comfortable easy-grip Santoprene® surface. On reaching the set torque value, the screwdriver can be felt and heard to trigger and is then again immediately ready for use. The release torque is higher than the tightening torque (overload protection). The desired torque is set using an adjustment wheel at the end of the handle. Putting the wheel into the locked position prevents inadvertent changes to the setting. Easy to read micrometer scale, protected against dirt.
Tool handle made of conductive plastic, suitable for ESDs.
Standard: Tested to DIN EN ISO 6789.
Content table use:Torque screwdriver: 1 pc.
3 blades for slot-head / Phillips (No. 669605): 2 / 00; 2.5 / 0; 3.5 / 1
2 hexagon blades (No. 669606): 1.5 / 2; 2.5 / 3
2 bits for Torx® screws (No. 669607): TX6 / TX7; TX8 / TX9

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Article no. : 659919 50

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