Article no. : 731071 32

เครื่องมือช่าง คีมตัดสายไฟ Cable cutter with compound action 32 mm


Cable cutter


Version:Cutter head with sickle shaped blade and compound action (one handed operation). Double blades ensure square cut.GARANT blades and important functional parts are additionally hardened and tempered.
Application:For clean cutting of aluminium and copper cables (even flex cables). Not for use on steel wire, hard aluminium alloys, hard drawn copper conductors.
Material:Special steel blade, coated sheet metal handles.
Note:On single-core cables the cutting force is around 30 % less.

Unit price

Article no. : 731071 32

8,073 บาท 12,420 บาท

ส่วนลด (%) 35%


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